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Bundle EMI Rigol


Incluye todo lo básico para un test de precualificación.

  • EMI-DSA800 Kit, NFP-3 Near Field Probe Kit, and S1210 EMI Test Software.
  • 40% Descuento con la compra de un Anlizador de espectro DSA800

S1210 Pre-compliance Software

Each DSA series spectrum analyzer can also be used with our EMI System Software. The software simplifies EMI pre-compliance testing by providing an easy-to-use interface for scan setup, limit line construction, scan and peak data evaluation, and a handy pre-compliance reporting feature.

Near-Field Probes.

The RIGOL NFP-3 near-field probes can be used in conjunction with any spectrum analyzer to help identify sources of EMI as well as leaks in enclosures. They are electrically insulated to prevent shorting of live circuits and feature a thin profile to make it easier to probe daughter boards, standoffs, and other tight spaces in your design. The kit includes 4 mafnetic (H) field probes, cable, and BNC-to-N-Type adapter.

DSA800 y DSA800E Analizadores de Espectro

Video EMI Bundle

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